Meet The Owner

32135556_935185213319284_6058372132050567168_nHi , Nice to meet you! I’m (on the right) Christine!

家 (Jia), the restaurant, was established in 2017 and we’ve officially been open for over a year and a half now. This restaurant is my pride and my joy. Since young, I have wanted to have a restaurant of my own to call my own, and now, it has finally come true!

A traveler at heart, there is a collection of souvenirs from all over the world on display. I change it up some times. I am a DIY-er! A lot of decorations and ambience levels are created with thought. I’m a fan of mixed cocktails, wall stickers, and Star Wars! Do you have interests that you can introduce to me? Please do!

I have always been fond of creating dishes that taste like just how mom used to make it and possibly with a little twist. For the last couple of decades, aside from working, I love to create dishes to feed my three sons. Now that they are all grown, maybe it is time to take this into the world. After all, I’ve worked for most of my life. I want to take the first step into something totally different than what I am used to, into the unknown, an adventure, to fulfill my dream.  Some of my most successful dishes are in this menu!

With the help of my team (my two lovely chefs, my wait staff, friends and family), we make this restaurant work. We are not tethered to one specific cuisine because home cooked meals are not about being completely one thing. Our menu has gone through  some changes and will continue to do so.

I would love to meet you.
So please, come on in and dine with us.
Make us your choice of dinner tonight.
I promise it will be a unique experience.

Yours Truly,